Delightful Sesame Banana

Delightful Sesame Banana


Serves 1 (Repeat the process for additional servings)

Do you love those Banana Coins from your favorite Thai restaurant? If so, try this at home non-fried recipe. Our version has a wonderful light taste while it lacks the greasiness associated with frying!

Our Delightful Sesame Banana recipe not only tastes great it is also super simple to make. We hope you enjoy the taste as much as we do!



1 Banana
1 tsp Honey (Vegan Option – Agave Nectar)
¼ tsp Sesame Seeds


What to do

Step 1:

Start by Cutting the Banana into ½ inch Rounds

banana crop 1

Step 2:

Place the Banana Rounds into a Bowl

banana crop 4

Step 3:

Add the Honey or Agave Nectar

banana crop 3

Step 4:

Add Sesame Seeds

banana crop 5

Step 5:

Serve Immediately or Chill to Serve a Few Hours Later

Happy Eatin’






















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