Choose the Perfect Watermelon in 3 Easy Steps

Supermarkets, roadside stands, and your favorite Farmer’s Market are full of watermelons during the summer months. Selecting one that is both sweet and juicy can be a challenge. These three steps will be helpful as you navigate through that large pile of melons.


1) Start by looking for a watermelon which is uniform in shape and devoid of dents, cuts, bruises or any soft spots.

wm 1

2) When searching for the perfect melon, it should be heavy for its size since watermelons are made up of mostly water. Compare its weight to other watermelons. Choose the heavier fruit of similar size; the heavier melon will be riper than one which is lighter in weight.

wm weigh

3) Look for the ground spot; this is the spot where the watermelon spent its days on the ground enjoying some sun. This ground spot should be yellow in color. If the ground spot is either white or non-existent, it may mean that the fruit was picked too soon and is unripe.

WM Yellow Spot

Now it’s time to cut the fruit and enjoy your sweet pickings. Enjoy!

Happy Eatin’

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