Best Frying Pan Ever!!!

Best Frying Pan Ever!!!

Through the years we have tried so many fry pans. Friends recommended some, some we read about on the internet, while others were just advertised on television. Each of these pans had one thing in common… we were not that impressed. With some, food would stick to the non-stick surface. For others, the pan did not heat evenly. With all, we knew our search for the best frying pan would continue. We needed to find what we believe to be the Best Frying Pan Ever.

Frying Pan Shopping

One day we happened to be near William Sonoma, so we decided to browse the store. Being that we are the Vegetarian Cooking Couple, we enjoy browsing through cooking supplies. Anyway, while in the store an associate asked if there is anything she could do for us. At that moment, we described the problems we were having with every fry pan we had ever owned.

So, once we finished describing the problems we had encountered, she said: “I have the Perfect Frying Pan, for you.” After what we had experienced with recommendations in the past, I have to say we were more than reluctant to trust what she had to say. Especially since what she thought was the Best Frying Pan just happened to be located just a few feet from where we were standing; the Professional Stainless-Steel Scanpan Nonstick Fry Pan.



The store employee went on to describe the pan in detail. She stated that this pan was made from 100% recycled aluminum. Hmmm.. we both like the idea of using recycled material. We were getting intrigued. The associate said that this was a Stratanium Nonstick pan. I don’t know about you, but at that moment we had no idea what made Stratanium special. She explained that in a nutshell, this frying pan is PFOA (Perfluorooctanoic Acid) Free. We have read some studies that might link cancer to PFOA and other studies that say it’s inconclusive. Either way, we like the idea of the lack of PFOA, just to be on the safe side. She went on to say that this frying pan has been designed to outlast other pans and the coating will not break down, peel or crack.

Again, sounding good to us thus far. Then the store clerk stated that this pan can be used for either electric or gas stovetops and can even be placed inside the oven for up to 500 degrees. And, the shape of its handle keeps it cool longer than many other type pans while being metal utensil safe. Then she said the magic words: This pan is dishwasher safe. Since our pan had seen better days, we decided to give this one a shot.


So we purchased the Professional Stainless-Steel Scanpan 12.5” for approximately $140. For us, it was love at first sight. So far, this pan has been amazing. It is a bit heavy, roughly 4 pounds. But we are attracted to a heavier pan anyway. It cooks evenly. Nothing is sticking. It cleans nicely with one caveat. Although the pan is dishwasher safe, the user guide states it is not recommended because it can shorten the pan’s life.

In conclusion, even with the issue of not being able to use the dishwasher if we want the pan to last, we are still extremely happy with this frying pan. It does everything we want while being PFOA-Free all at a price that does not break the bank. If the only issue is that we must wash this pan by hand, so be it. To us, it is worth the extra effort. We love this frying pan so much that we went back to purchase the 9.5-inch pan to add to our collection.

We hope this review was helpful. Happy Eatin’

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