Summer Melon Popsicles

Summer Melon Popsicles

Summer Melon Popsicles recipe is easy to follow and requires minimal ingredients; it is wonderful to consume on a hot summer afternoon.


Zest of Lime
1 Cup Plain Yogurt
1 tbsp. Mint
12 oz. Cantaloupe
1/3 Cup Honey
Popsicle Molds of Your Choice

How to make Summer Melon Popsicles

Once you have picked the perfect cantaloupe, wash the outside thoroughly to remove debris and bacteria from entering the melon as you cut and peel the melon. Next, cut the cantaloupe in half. Once cut, remove the seeds with a large spoon and then dispose of the seeds.
The next step is to peel the rind from the melon. Then cut the melon into approximately 2-inch pieces. Twelve ounces of cantaloupe is easily determined by weighing on a postal or kitchen scale.
Once cut, set the melon aside.


For this next step, Fresh Mint is the key to bring the flavor alive. Remove the mint leaves from their stems. Finley chopped the leaves until they fit tightly packed into a tablespoon. If the flavor of mint does not excite you as much as it does us, use less mint.


Now it’s zesting time. After thoroughly washing the outside of the lime, begin to remove the rind. Make sure only to remove the green portion of the lime. Our favorite tool for removing the rind is a Lemon Zester. By all means, feel free to use a grater, with small holes, if that is your preference. Once finished, set aside.


Now we move on to the honey. We prefer to use local honey whenever it is needed for a recipe or tea. Set aside the 1/3 cup of honey.


This step requires 1 cup of your favorite plain yogurt. We find that full-fat yogurt works best for this recipe.

Since all of the ingredients have been prepared, we are ready to begin blending the ingredients.


What’s Next?

To begin the mixing process, place all ingredients into the blender. Our go-to appliance for most purees, blending, or mixing is the Ninja Auto IQ. It simplifies this process with minimal cleanup. However, feel free to use the mixer or blender of your choice.


Blend until smooth and uniform. The Ninja has a set time for this feature. Once the process has completed, the Ninja will stop.

You are now ready to fill your popsicle molds. For ease of pouring, transfer the blended ingredients into a measuring cup. Then, start filling the molds.


Silicone Mold (Finished product removes easily)

The finished product is a bit over 20 ounces. The number of pops this recipe will yield is dependent on the size of your mold. The larger the mold, the fewer the pops.


Plastic Mold – Requires Running Under Warm Water to Remove from Mold

Allow setting for 6 hours. Then enjoy your Summer Melon Popsicles.

After all is said and done, we feel that the silicone molds are far superior to the typical plastic type. Silicone peels off your pop and the hard-plastic molds required you to run under water to remove the pop, which is inconvenient.

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Happy Eatin’

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