The Vegetarian Cooking Couple


Vegetarian Chili The best chili recipe is a matter of personal preference. For us, this Vegetarian Chili is our favorite! Keep in mind, just because you eat vegetarian food does not mean you cannot have a good chili. We have worked on this chili recipe until we found one so delicious that our non-vegetarian friends have loved it as well. Feel free to crumble tortilla chips in your bowl. Or butter some… Read More

Fajita Spiced Bean Salad Recipe Serves 6 What we love about this fajita spiced bean salad is that it feeds the 2 of us all week.  Here are some ideas on how you can use this salad. Eat it as a side or toss it over pasta. Place a ¼ cup on top of your favorite salad mix. Or, add to a wrap with hummus. Ingredients Ears of Corn – Two – … Read More