Vegetarian Chili

Vegetarian Chili

The best chili recipe is a matter of personal preference. For us, this Vegetarian Chili is our favorite! Keep in mind, just because you eat vegetarian food does not mean you cannot have a good chili. We have worked on this chili recipe until we found one so delicious that our non-vegetarian friends have loved it as well. Feel free to crumble tortilla chips in your bowl. Or butter some bread for dipping. Either tastes great. Enjoy our recipe!

Vegetarian Chili Ingredients

  • Poblano Pepper – 1 Large – Chopped
  • Onion – 1 Large – Chopped
  • Tomatoes – 4 ½ Pounds – Chopped
  • Kidney Beans – 1 Pound Dry Beans or (Can beans – Two 28-ounce cans)
  • Olive Oil – 1 Tablespoon
  • Salt – 1 Teaspoon
  • Chili Powder – 1 ½ Tablespoon
  • Sugar – 1 Tablespoon
  • Jack Cheese – 8 ounces – Shredded
  • Gardein Beefless Ground (Or Similar) – 13.7 Ounce Package
  • Hot Sauce – Whichever is your Favorite

How to Prepare our Vegetarian Chili Recipe

If using fresh kidney beans, soak overnight. Next, cook until tender. If using canned beans, skip this step.

The one pound of dry kidney beans yields about six cups of cooked beans. That is the equivalent to approximately two 28-ounce cans of beans.

Next, prepare the poblano pepper. Wash, remove stem, seeds, and ribs. Then, chop the pepper.

Now, wash and chop the tomatoes.

In a large deep pot, heat the one tablespoon of olive oil on medium heat.

Once the oil has heated, sauté the onion and poblano pepper until the onion is translucent.

Add the tomatoes along with the chili powder, salt, and sugar. Then, stir to combine the ingredients.

Once the tomatoes begin to liquefy, add the beans and stir.

Immediately following, add the Gardein Beefless Ground or equivalent.

Stir to combine the ingredients.

As soon as the tomatoes begin to bubble, cover, and lower the heat.

Cook for about an hour. Stir occasionally.

As soon as the vegetarian chili has cooked, add to an individual serving bowl.

Add as much cheese as you like and stir to melt.

Next, add your favorite hot sauce.


Vegetarian Chili

The recipe works great with wither crusty bread or tortilla chips.

You will find that this dish will taste even better the day after cooking after it is reheated.

Happy Eatin’

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  1. It looks delicious. I mostly make carnivore chilli with lots of meat, but i think I should give the vegetarian one a go! enjoy your weekend.

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