Dill Pasta Salad

Dill Pasta Salad Recipe

Serves 6

One day, we had received an invite to a picnic with friends. The host had requested that each couple bring a dish to share. The task we were given was to bring a pasta salad. While we have been to many of these events in the past, the dishes shared were generally similar in taste. Each time someone brought a pasta salad, it tasted just like the one someone else served at a different occasion. We wanted to create something a bit diverse that used one of our beloved herbs, dill. Many times, a dish has to grow with changes each time it is made to enhance the recipe. This salad has remained the same since we first put it together and brought it to our first picnic. We do hope you love this recipe as much as we do.

Serves 6


1 Pound Elbow Pasta
¼ Cup Dill
1 Medium Onion
¾-1 Cup Mayonnaise or Vegenaise

What to Do

1) Cook one pound of elbow pasta to your desired firmness.
2) Drain the cooked pasta and transfer to a large mixing bowl or storage container.


3) Start by adding 3/4 cup Mayonnaise or Vegenaise. You may add more should you desire a wetter salad. If the salad dries a bit over the next couple of days, add a bit more Mayonnaise or Vegenaise.


4) Chop Onion.


5) Finely chop the fresh dill until you have enough to fill a ¼ cup.


6) Add both the onion and the dill to the pasta. Mix thoroughly.


7) Chill and serve.


Happy Eatin’

We hope you enjoy this super easy and super tasty pasta salad as much as we do. It works well at picnics, pot lucks, or just to have it available at home for a meal anytime.

Enjoy another pasta recipe.

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