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Incredible Corn: New Delhi Style Since we are huge fans of the cuisine of India, we spent some time learning the fine art of Indian Cooking while traveling through New Delhi India. Although we have always enjoyed cooking Indian food at home, there was always something missing from our dishes. But after our Indian Cooking Classes, we learned some things that made our Indian food pop with flavor. Not only did our… Read More

Easy Vegan Lentil Recipe What do we love about our Easy Vegan Lentil Recipe? Well, for starters, this recipe is a one-pot dish. Yes, you read that correctly. We have designed this meal to be made in one pot to reduce the dirty dishes. We all have enough to do during our busy days. The last thing we want is to create more work when we are making dinner. All of the… Read More

Vegan Pepper Steak We are always looking for something a little different to cook with fresh ingredients. Many of our friends love Chinese Pepper Steak. As a result, we worked our recipe until we created one that not only we enjoyed eating, but also our Chinese Food, meat-eating friends enjoyed as well. So, our Vegan Pepper Steak Recipe was born. This recipe includes tempeh for both texture and flavor. Since not everyone… Read More

Ginger Broccoli Recipe We simply LOVE eating broccoli and cannot get enough of it no matter how it’s cooked. Just two days ago we had steamed broccoli. A couple of days before that, we enjoyed it roasted. To us, broccoli is one of those vegetables that taste great; however, it is prepared. Our Ginger Broccoli Recipe is one of our most favorites to make because it is very versatile. This Vegan recipe… Read More

Baked Acorn Squash Recipe Whenever October hits and Thanksgiving is quickly approaching, we start to think about our Baked Acorn Squash Recipe.  The acorn squash is considered a fall vegetable and is at its peak freshness from October through December. The good news, it is available all year long in most supermarkets. So if the mood strikes for a good squash recipe, you do not have to wait for your holiday meal… Read More

Crispy Brussel Sprouts Are you wondering how to cook Brussels sprouts? Then this post is for you. There are many ways to cook sprouts. Some of these ways include roasting or baking. While roasted brussel sprouts or baked Brussels sprouts can be delightful, our recipe is cooked on the stovetop. In our opinion, this method is quicker and just as good as cooking in the oven. That is why this Crispy Brussel… Read More

Fresh Salsa Recipe Have you ever wondered how to make salsa? Many people love the idea of a homemade salsa recipe but are not sure exactly what to do. The good news is this Fresh Salsa Recipe is such an easy salsa recipe to make. This post includes both a recipe for making homemade salsa as well as Pico de Gallo. The salsa ingredients and the same as our Pico de Gallo…. Read More

Tasty Potato and Zucchini Side Dish While we specialize in Vegetarian Recipes, we also offer a Vegan Recipe Alternative whenever we can. This recipe just happens to be vegan. Vegetarians and even meat eaters can also enjoy this tasty side dish. One of our favorite ingredients is adding fresh ginger to a dish. We like to use it whenever we can. While this potato, zucchini recipe does contain ginger, the amount we… Read More

Italian Quinoa Recipe Each time we make this quinoa recipe it reminds us so much of bruschetta, but without the bread. The taste is similar and is a great way to eat a bruschetta flavored dish while adding quinoa to the meal. Those who know us understand how much we love to bring guacamole to a party. But here, we are going to say it… this casserole recipe is our 1st love…. Read More

Dill Pasta Salad Recipe Serves 6 One day, we had received an invite to a picnic with friends. The host had requested that each couple bring a dish to share. The task we were given was to bring a pasta salad. While we have been to many of these events in the past, the dishes shared were generally similar in taste. Each time someone brought a pasta salad, it tasted just like… Read More