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Vegetarian lentil recipes are on the top of our list for a hearty and easy to make meal. Our Sensational Sweet and Spicy Lentils Recipe is no exception. What we love about this recipe is how versatile it is. We eat it with nacho chips and also as a side dish. Placing these lentils over a baked potato is also very tasty. The uses for this dish are only as limited as… Read More

Do you love Spanish Rice Recipes? If you do or have not tried one yet, we have one that we feel will knock your socks off.  Our Vegan Spanish Rice Recipe tastes great, is easy to make, and will have you asking for another helping. A Spanish rice and beans dish is tasty and filling. This beans and rice recipe is no exception. The addition of kidney beans adds so much to… Read More

Nothing beats a homemade vegan veggie burger. It’s always fresh-tasting, and most importantly, you know exactly what is in the veggie burger recipe because you made it yourself. This DIY veggie burger is hearty, tasty, and to us, the best black bean burger we have ever had. When it comes to black bean burger recipes, they are a dime a dozen. Everywhere you look these days, someone has a one for you… Read More

Different Types of Vegetarians: What do they mean? When you are just starting as a vegetarian, it can be confusing since there are so many types of vegetarian diets. You may have heard the word vegan or even ovo-vegetarian. Yet, you still have no idea what that is. Generally, when people think about a vegetarian diet, they typically think about a diet that doesn’t include meat, poultry or fish. But vegetarian diets… Read More

Our Favorite Indian Cabbage and Peas – Patta Gobhi Matar Today we will be detailing our favorite Indian Cabbage and Peas – Patta Gobhi Matar recipe. Essentially, this dish can be served as a side dish or a main course. For us, we generally plate small amounts of different Indian foods for one meal because they generally work well together. This time, however, we decided just to savor this wonderful Indian Recipe… Read More

How to Cook for a Vegan Guest While I was eating my lunch today, I realized that many people do not know how to feed a vegan guest. The most common items served are either a salad or an opened can of vegetables. Sometimes these salads include anchovies, dairy type dressings, or even cheese. And to be honest, most vegans would prefer not to eat a canned vegetable. Instead, fresh foods are… Read More

Easy Tomato Salad Easy salad recipes are what we strive for when making a salad such as this one. With this tomato basil salad, we have accomplished that task. Our Easy Tomato Salad Recipe is so simple to make, and it tastes so wonderful. This recipe works well as a stand-alone salad. But it also works great as an accompaniment to a larger meal as well. We have even placed this salad… Read More

Cabbage with Vegetarian Sausage Those who follow our blog know how we love to focus on easy to prepare recipes whenever we can. The recipe below fits perfectly with our easy vegetarian recipes. Our Cabbage with Vegetarian Sausage is super simple and one of our favorite cabbage recipes. To make the recipe vegan, all you have to do is use a vegan sausage instead. In most cases, that is how we make… Read More

Savory Open-Faced Sandwich Are you looking for hot vegan sandwich ideas? Then look no further, for we have a sandwich recipe for you. This tomato sandwich, with onions, goes so well over your favorite buttered toast if you enjoy vegetarian sandwiches. Or, if preferred, this Savory Open-Faced Sandwich recipe works just as wonderfully with vegan toast. When it comes to the type tomatoes that can be used for this recipe, the choice… Read More

Baingan Bharta We have been fond of Indian food nearly as long as we have been a couple. Through those many years, we have worked together trying to improve our recipes. Our Baingan Bharta has taken on many ingredients in the past. That is until we found what we think is the best spice combination for our recipe. For many years, this baingan bharta recipe has remained unchanged simply because we love… Read More

How to Peel Tomatoes Some recipes call for tomato skins to be removed before adding to the cooking process. Removing the skin helps both purees and sauces to become more uniform. Leaving the skin on could result in hunks of unpleasant looking skin being left in the finished dish. These hunks could also change the flavor of the recipe as well. So if your recipe calls for tomato skin removal, you have… Read More

Vegetable Stew We have been making this vegan vegetable stew recipe for many years due to its ease and taste. Whenever we can make a One-Pot Dish, we will strive to do so since there are fewer dishes to clean. For many, the clean up after cooking turns them off to cooking. Stew recipes, such as this one, eliminates the extra work while rewarding us with this delicious, mostly potato stew. Now… Read More

Stewed Beets If you are wondering how to eat beets, you have come to the right recipe. Cooking beets can be scary for some people. Especially for those who have never had fresh beetroot before. Since fresh beets and canned beets have a very different flavor, you may be surprised how much better this recipe for stewed beets tastes. Out of all the beet recipes, we have tried, this is our absolute… Read More

Mint Peas Recipe This Mint Peas Recipe is not only tasty; it is actually good for you. Before we get to the recipe, we will discuss the health benefits of mint as well as the nutrition of peas. Health Benefits of Mint It is advised to use fresh mint leaves to receive any health benefits from the mint. Some of the benefits of mint leaves include the treatment for IBS or even… Read More

Potato & Carrot One Pot Meal Do you know what we love about making a One Pot Meal? First, we love the lack of dirty dishes. One pot recipes generally only require a knife for chopping, a cutting board, a spoon for stirring, and a single pot for cooking, just as the name implies. The removal of all the pots, pans, and extra utensils make this meal so attractive to us. The… Read More

Spicy Kale Recipe We just love spicy food, and we love kale as well. By combining the two, we have come up with our favorite way to eat kale. This Spicy Kale Recipe can be as mild or as hot as you desire because you control how much red pepper flakes to add to the dish. This has become one of our favorite kale recipes, and we hope it becomes your favorite… Read More

Vegan Taco Here is another meat-free addition to our vegan recipes, the Vegan Taco. This taco recipe utilizes dairy-free cheese, vegetarian meat (aka meat substitutes), and fresh ingredients. Enjoy this vegan food anytime, not just during Cinco de Mayo. It is so tasty, the leftovers will be gone before you know. That is, if you have any leftover. Vegan Taco Ingredients Ear of Corn Black Beans – Cooked Yield – 1 Cup… Read More

Cajun Corn Vegan Recipe Whether you are a fan of a vegan recipe or even vegetarian recipes, this corn will be a tasty side dish to any meal. Do you ever wonder how to cook corn on the cob? The main solution is to always begin with fresh corn on the cob, in season, for the best tasting corn dish. This corn on the cob recipe is simple and tasty and will… Read More

Breakfast Tofu Scramble  Looking for breakfast ideas? Or maybe you are wondering how to cook tofu. Tofu recipes are some of our favorite to make because tofu is so versatile. This, one of our many vegan recipes, makes a wonderful breakfast. It’s full of vegetables and is a tasty recipe.  This vegan recipe serves 4  Recipe Ingredients Tofu – Extra Firm, Crumbled by you Kale – 2 Cups, Stems Removed and Chopped… Read More

Tasty Potato and Zucchini Side Dish While we specialize in Vegetarian Recipes, we also offer a Vegan Recipe Alternative whenever we can. This recipe just happens to be vegan. Vegetarians and even meat eaters can also enjoy this tasty side dish. One of our favorite ingredients is adding fresh ginger to a dish. We like to use it whenever we can. While this potato, zucchini recipe does contain ginger, the amount we… Read More