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Easy Tomato Salad Easy salad recipes are what we strive for when making a salad such as this one. With this tomato basil salad, we have accomplished that task. Our Easy Tomato Salad Recipe is so simple to make, and it tastes so wonderful. This recipe works well as a stand-alone salad. But it also works great as an accompaniment to a larger meal as well. We have even placed this salad… Read More

Caprese Salad We simply love this Caprese Salad. It has become our go to Summer Salad because of its flavor and ease to make. The fresh ingredients really make this salad. From fresh tomatoes, to fresh mozzarella cheese to using only fresh basil. While the fresh mozzarella cheese pearls are less salty and a bit more expensive than using mozzarella sticks, the cheese sticks cut into bite sized pieces also works. In… Read More