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Potato & Carrot One Pot Meal Do you know what we love about making a One Pot Meal? First, we love the lack of dirty dishes. One pot recipes generally only require a knife for chopping, a cutting board, a spoon for stirring, and a single pot for cooking, just as the name implies. The removal of all the pots, pans, and extra utensils make this meal so attractive to us. The… Read More

Tasty Potato and Zucchini Side Dish While we specialize in Vegetarian Recipes, we also offer a Vegan Recipe Alternative whenever we can. This recipe just happens to be vegan. Vegetarians and even meat eaters can also enjoy this tasty side dish. One of our favorite ingredients is adding fresh ginger to a dish. We like to use it whenever we can. While this potato, zucchini recipe does contain ginger, the amount we… Read More

Potato & Cabbage Casserole Recipe Serves 4 This simple Potato & Cabbage Casserole Recipe works as a side or a main course. It is filling, tasty and a great way to add cabbage to your diet. Potato & Cabbage Casserole Ingredients Potatoes – 2 Cups Cubed Cabbage – 2 Cups Shredded Onion – ½ Cup Chopped Butter (or Vegan Margarine) – 3 Tablespoons Creole Seasoning – ¼ Teaspoon Parsley – 1 Teaspoon… Read More

Jeera Aloo (Potatoes with Cumin and Spices) When it comes to Jeera Aloo (Potatoes with Cumin and Spices), it is one of our most delicious Vegetarian Recipes. Technically, this is a Vegan Recipe as well. This dish is easy, tasty and is a wonderful side dish to accompany your Indian Food dinner. Serves 4 This side pairs well with Naan, Roti and Lentils Jeera Aloo Ingredients Sunflower Oil – 3 tbsp Potatoes  (Aloo)–… Read More