The Vegetarian Cooking Couple


Vegan Taco Here is another meat-free addition to our vegan recipes, the Vegan Taco. This taco recipe utilizes dairy-free cheese, vegetarian meat (aka meat substitutes), and fresh ingredients. Enjoy this vegan food anytime, not just during Cinco de Mayo. It is so tasty, the leftovers will be gone before you know. That is, if you have any leftover. Vegan Taco Ingredients Ear of Corn Black Beans – Cooked Yield – 1 Cup… Read More

Simple Guacamole Recipe We have been making this Simple Guacamole Recipe for more years than we can remember. Guacamole is great for more than Mexican Food, Tortilla Chips, or even Cinco de Mayo. This vegan recipe also works well on salads and veggie burgers. What makes this guacamole recipe easy is the handful of guacamole ingredients needed to create it. Today’s recipe will help you learn how to make guacamole that is… Read More