Cajun Corn Vegan Recipe

Cajun Corn Vegan Recipe

Whether you are a fan of a vegan recipe or even vegetarian recipes, this corn will be a tasty side dish to any meal. Do you ever wonder how to cook corn on the cob? The main solution is to always begin with fresh corn on the cob, in season, for the best tasting corn dish. This corn on the cob recipe is simple and tasty and will go fast once the family has the opportunity to try it.  The Fresh Corn with Cajun Seasoning is sure to become one of your staple vegetable side dishes.

Vegan Recipe Ingredients

  1. Corn – 4 ears
  2. Vegan Butter for Vegan Recipe 1.5 tablespoons 
  3. Cajun Seasoning ¼ teaspoon – ½ teaspoon

 How to Prepare the Vegan Recipe

  1. Start by cutting off the corn stem and then by removing the corn husks.corn husked
  2. Rinse the corn to remove as much of strings as you can along with any other particles.
  3. Take the corn off of the cob with a corn stripper, knife or by whatever other means which suits your style.removed corn
  4. Place the butter into a pan, skillet, or any other type of pots and pans you may have that allow for easy stirring and heating.
  5. Once the butter begins to melt, add the corn.
  6. Make sure the corn is set on low as to not to burn the butter.
  7. Stir frequently.
  8. Once the corn reaches your desired firmness, remove from heat.
  9. Stir in Cajun Seasoning and serve.cooked corn


Now that the corn has been cooked, add it to your favorite meal as a side dish. It works well with mashed potatoes, burgers, or in my case veggie burgers. We have even placed it on top of salads, added it to tacos and tossed it with pasta. This is what we love aboutvegan recipes such as our Cajun Corn, it’s versatile. Once the side dish has been cooked, the uses are only as endless as our imagination. Now, don’t stop with the Cajun Seasoning. We have made this recipe with other spices that were delicious as well. The only reason we have posted this exact recipe is because we are just so fond of this spice flavor.

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