Vegan Pepper Steak

Vegan Pepper Steak

We are always looking for something a little different to cook with fresh ingredients. Many of our friends love Chinese Pepper Steak. As a result, we worked our recipe until we created one that not only we enjoyed eating, but also our Chinese Food, meat-eating friends enjoyed as well. So, our Vegan Pepper Steak Recipe was born. This recipe includes tempeh for both texture and flavor. Since not everyone is familiar with tempeh, let’s talk about it for a bit. If you already are familiar, skip the following paragraphs and just hit the recipe, if you like.

What is Tempeh

Tempeh (Tem-PAY) – Tempeh is traditionally made with softened soybean that has been cooked, soaked, fermented and shaped into a patty. However, other grains are also used to make tempeh. These grains include barley, millet, and even brown rice. From what we know, this high protein product was first used in the country of Indonesia. Since then it has traveled throughout the world as people added this high protein meat alternative to their food.

Is Tempeh Healthy

The short answer is Yes, tempeh is healthy. Vegans and many vegetarians lack the vitamin B12. The good news, tempeh has this vitamin. Tempeh also provides a healthy dose of protein. In fact, Lightlife Tempeh has 16 grams of protein per serving. Also, their tempeh has only three Net Carbs per serving, as well. Additional tempeh nutrition includes calcium and iron as per the Lightlife Tempeh label.

Tempeh vs Tofu

The main similarity between tempeh and tofu is they are both made from soybeans. Tofu is bland tasting on its own. Generally, and almost always, it absorbs the flavor of whatever sauce it has been cooking in. While tempeh has a flavor all of its own that is somewhat nutty. Tofu, even the firm kind, could break apart during cooking if stirred too much. While that works for many recipes such as a breakfast tofu scramble, it does not for all. For some tofu recipes, you might be required to fry or bake the tofu to get it firm enough to hold its shape. With tempeh, it will almost always remain in the shape you cut it into for your recipe. And, the good news, you can break tempeh into smaller pieces for either soups or tacos.

Where to buy Tempeh

When we became vegetarian many years ago, buying tempeh was much harder than it is today. If we wanted tempeh for a recipe, we would either have to go to a health food store or an Asian Market. While tempeh is still available at those types of stores, it is now readily available in many supermarkets. If your local market does not have it, check a Sprouts or Whole Foods. They both carry tempeh for certain.

How to Make Tempeh

There are so many easy tempeh recipes available. In fact, here is a link to our Tempeh Reuben Sandwich for you to try if you have an interest. In our opinion, that sandwich is one of the best tempeh recipes we have ever had the pleasure of creating. If you are ready to prepare the recipe below, by the time you are finished you will know how to cook tempeh.

Vegan Pepper Steak Ingredients

  • Tomato – 1 Large, Cut into Wedges
  • Cornstarch (Organic Non-GMO) – 1 Tablespoon
  • Olive Oil – 4 Tablespoons, (¼ Cup)
  • Onion – 1 Large, Sliced
  • Fresh Ginger – ¼ Teaspoon, Minced
  • Green Peppers – 2 Large, Cut into ½ Inch Wide Strips
  • Water – 1 Cup
  • Tempeh – 8 Ounce Package, Cut into ¼ Inch Slices
  • Garlic – 2 Large Cloves, Minced
  • Rice – 2 Cups Cooked
  • Black Ground Pepper – ¼ Teaspoon
  • Soy Sauce – 4 Tablespoons, (¼ Cup)
  • Vegan Sugar – 2 Teaspoons
  • Salt – 1/8 Teaspoon

How to Prepare this Vegan Pepper Steak Recipe

Let’s begin by slicing the 8 Ounce Package of Tempeh into thin, ¼ inch slices.

Tempeh Sliced

Sliced Tempeh

Heat half of the Olive Oil and half of the Soy Sauce in a large pan, or wok, on medium temperature.

Once the liquid has heated, add the sliced tempeh. Stir immediately to coat both sides of the tempeh.


Coat the Tempeh with the Heated Sauce

Brown the tempeh on all sides. Be sure to turn frequently to prevent burning.

As the tempeh is cooking, put on the rice. We prefer using a rice cooker. However, feel free to cook the rice on the stovetop if that is your preference.

Now, it is time to cut the large onion into slices, to peel and mince the fresh ginger, and also to mince the two large gloves of garlic.

Once the tempeh has browned, add the remaining olive oil. Then immediately add the sliced onion, the minced ginger, and the minced garlic to the pan with the tempeh. Sauté for two minutes.

After the two-minute sautéing, add the cup of water. Be mindful that adding the water may cause splashing from the pan.

Then, stir in both the eighth teaspoon of salt and the quarter teaspoon of ground black pepper. Cover and cook for 8-10 minutes. Or until the onions begin to soften.

While these ingredients are cooking, remove the stem, ribs, and seeds from the green peppers. Now, slice them into one-half-inch strips. Feel free to substitute the green peppers for red if you prefer. Generally, we like red peppers so much more than green. However, the green pepper is our preference for this vegan recipe.

As soon as the onions are ready, stir in the sliced green peppers. Cover and simmer for 3-5 minutes. Or, until the peppers have started to become tender.

As soon as you have placed the cover on the pan or wok, begin this next mixture. In a bowl, combine the remaining soy sauce, the two teaspoons of vegan sugar, and the organic cornstarch. Stir to combine.

Now, slice the tomatoes into wedges.

Add the mixture to the pan and stir. Then, add the tomatoes wedges and stir again.

Cover and cook until the tomatoes are soft. Be sure to continue to stir while everything is cooking.

Once the tomatoes are soft, the dish has finished cooking.

Place the desired amount of rice onto a plate or bowl. Then, add the Vegan Pepper Steak on top of the rice. Be sure to use some of the sauce on the bottom of the pan. Enjoy!

Plated Vegan Pepper Steak

Vegan Pepper Steak


Happy Eatin’





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    oooo this sounds amazing, looking forward to making tempeh!

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    Awesome! We are huge fans of tempeh and just cannot get enough of this recipe.

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