5 Minute Corn on the Cob

5 Minute Corn on the Cob

Often, and at the very last minute, we have craved corn on the cob but decided against it due to the time it takes to cook.

If we grilled the corn we must pre-heat the grill, then wait somewhere in the neighborhood of 15 minutes or so for the corn to be cooked or worse yet, par-boil it first before grilling… ugh. If we decided to cook the corn cobs via stovetop, we are forced to wait for the water to boil. Once boiling, add the corn and wait again for the water to re-boil. After that, we are looking about approximately another 5-10 minutes until the corn is tender. This method would take us somewhere in the vicinity of 15-30 minutes to cook those golden logs to our liking. WTH, everything else is cold by then!

Now, this is where we are ever so thankful for modern technology. A faster method that only requires 5 minutes to get our two ears of corn cooked to perfection. How do you ask? By… can you guess it… I hope so… the: MICROWAVE!

To do this successfully in only 5 minutes follow these steps:

Start by cutting the ends off the corn but leave the husks. Leaving the husks on facilitates the cooking process while preventing the corn from drying out.

Next, place both ears of corn onto a microwave-safe plate then place into the microwave. Make sure to set on high. Now run for 5 minutes. For the next five minutes, your corn is cooking to perfection as in slowly turns inside your microwave.

As your veggie is cooking, it’s the perfect time to prep your favorite fixings. Ours happens to be butter or vegan margarine topped with a Cajun Spice Blend. Or try some mayo, lime juice, paprika chili powder, and crumbled Cotija or feta cheese for the popular Mexican street version.

Once the microwave has finished cooking, remove the corn and place the ears directly onto your cutting board. Next, remove and discard the husks; but be careful, because the corn is piping hot. Now the time you have been waiting for has arrived.

corn remove husks

Insert a corn holder into each end of the cobs, place the corn onto a dinner plate with your favorite fixings, and serve immediately for some good eating.

corn with holders

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Happy Eatin’

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