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Black Bean Pizza Recipe This Black Bean Pizza Recipe has been one of our all-time favorite veggie pizza for longer than we can remember. Many have told us that their favorite pizza was Dominos Pizza, Little Caesars, or even Pizza Hut. That is until they tried this black bean pizza recipe. Now, these same people feel it’s the best pizza they have eaten and no longer look for pizza deals or wait… Read More

Easy Black Bean Soup This Recipe Serves 6 Are you feeling chilled by the outside temperatures? If so, this Easy Black Bean Soup should help warm you up. We find this recipe to be both is filling and super simple to make. Easy Black Bean Soup Ingredients Garlic –- 3 Cloves Diced Onion – 1 Medium Chopped Red Pepper – Chopped Lime – Juiced Black Beans – 46.5 ounces (Three 15.5 oz…. Read More